Nāmaka in L'Officiel Hommes Ukraine - Family history by Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow Features the Nāmaka Astral Baroque Pearl Gold Hoops.

Nāmaka in L'Officiel Ukraine - by Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow

I never thought that Nāmaka would feature in a publication, especially one held in such high esteem, that is L'Officiel.

The depth of meaning and gravitas behind words and images of this story is not lost on me.

I am quite humbled to be a part of it. ( albeit, in a very small way )

You can see all of the absolutely stunning images from this editorial and read the entire article here - 

The editorial features the Nāmaka Astral Baroque Pearl Gold Hoops.

Family history in the lens of photographer Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow for the International Children's Day

Children's Day is traditionally celebrated on June 1

On the first day of summer, the whole world community calls for an end to domestic violence against children, not to restrict their rights and teaches society to take into account the needs of each child.

In 1949, the Congress of the International Democratic Federation of Women was held in Paris. Participants from many countries took the oath of constant struggle for peace on the planet, because it is the only guarantee of happiness for children. The decision of the Congress on June 1 was declared Children's Day. A year later, in 1950, on June 1, the first International Children's Day was held in 51 countries, including the Soviet Union.

Today, as a result of a full-scale war and Russia's war crimes, Ukrainian children are being deprived of their right to childhood. According to official figures, 689 children suffered from armed Russian aggression. 243 of them were deprived of the right to life.

Generations of children of all ages who have witnessed the war will never forget the horror they saw. At the same time, as adults, they will never question the primacy of peace, a question that today raises the world community's hesitant response to Russia's crimes against humanity.

On the day of protection for those most in need, we share with you a tender family story that was created by a team from Australia for the spring L'Officiel Hommes UA.










Producer/Creative/Stylist/Set Design: Carlos Mangubat

Photographer: Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow

Video: Lucas Hanns

Hair: Bradwyn Jones using MR SMITH

MUA: Maria Gullace using Sweed Lash & Dior


Paolo @ Kult

Anja @ Kult

Grand parents
Roberto Masci & Fran Masci @ Talent on A Budget

Cosmo Reid, Ozzie Reid, Poppy Grynberg & Ollie Grynberg

Stylist Assistants: Axl McKenzie, Samantha MorriceMariama Mansaray

Photography Assistant: Karen Song

THANKS TO: Sarah Grynberg

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