Emily Greaves is the designer & creator behind Nāmaka.
Working out of her studio on the Mornington Peninsula/Bunurong Land, Emily meticulously handcrafts each unique piece personally.
Nāmaka draws inspiration from organic formations found in nature, juxtaposed with images of nostalgic decadent opulence, creating exciting, yet considered collections intended to be worn in daily life.
Nāmaka is built on an ethos of slow made jewellery. Producing works in small batches & promoting bespoke services, recycling materials, repurposing heirlooms and vintage jewellery to give new life to otherwise discarded items.
Nāmaka started naturally at the beach. Finding shiny luminescent shards of Abalone embedded in the sand, started a collection which grew to an obsession. Finding joy in the search and discovery of new pieces, and forming a collection over time.
Today the Nāmaka collection comprises of a variety of pearls, opals, and semi precious stones, together with foraged natural mother of pearl, paired with gold & sterling silver.
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